how to book

Please contact David Gluck on 07905 766831 to discuss availability. When booking a room outside of opening times you will need to arrange collection/return of keys and opening / closing procedures. Please note: completion of this form is not a confirmation of a booking.

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    Room Availability

    Days Daytime Times Evening Times
    Monday 9am – 5pm By arrangement
    Tuesday 9am – 5pm By arrangement
    Wednesday 9am – 5pm By arrangement
    Thursday 9am – 5pm By arrangement
    Friday 9am – 5pm By arrangement
    Saturday By arrangement By arrangement
    Sunday By arrangement By arrangement


    Term and conditions of use

    Risk Assessment Check List When using a room where children will be attending the session leader/facilitator must complete a Room Checking Chart, and if you will be using our outside play area, a session Leader Risk Assessment Checklist must be completed, these forms will be with the signing in sheets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Room Charges
    All rooms are charged at £12.50 per hour. For longer or regular bookings, discounts are possible. Please discuss with the Centre Manager.

    Use of Rooms
    We ask that you leave the rooms as you found them. If you need to move furniture, please ensure it is put back and tidy. Some rooms have a plan on the wall showing how we need it to be left. Please locate this and follow it. If you have any issues with the room at the start of your session please inform reception.

    Some of our rooms have overhead projectors and screens,  We have a flipchart board, if needed, please request at the time of booking. Please note we do not supply paper or pens for these, if you need any other equipment or stationery ensure it is brought with you.

    You are not allowed to smoke anywhere within the building or in the grounds. 

    We provide water and glasses. There are electric kettles and cups in the kitchen areas Please note we do not provide coffee, tea, milk or biscuits. We ask that everyone using these facilities ensures all cups and glasses are washed, dried and put away.

    Fire Procedure
    It is your responsibility to keep a register of all attendees and make sure they and yourself are familiar with the location of all fire exits, and your assembly point. You are responsible for evacuation of your session in the event of a fire, and must ensure you leave with the register.  If the fire alarm sounds please stop immediately, and leave by the nearest fire exit. Do not stop to collect belongings.
    Children in drop-in groups with parents/carers: parents/carers are responsible for ensuring their children are evacuated.
    Children in childcare without parents/carers: Childcare staff will take responsibility for evacuating children in their care.
    Assembly Point: Please refer to the notices in the rooms for the assembly point. Please assemble there with all users of the building so that you can be accounted for.  Do not re enter the building at all unless the fire brigade or manager tells you it is safe to do so.
    The fire alarm is tested every Tuesday  9.00am Details of procedures are in all rooms, or you can check with reception.

    First Aid
    There are notices of where the first aid boxes are located in every room.  There is a list of all staff that are first aid trained in the reception officeYou will be asked to complete an accident or incident form if necessary. 

    Cancellation of Bookings
    We ask if you know your booking is to be cancelled please let us know as soon as possible, to free the room for someone else.

    Traffic Management
    Parking on site is to the rear of the Centre and can be accessed from the drive to the left of the building.

    Locking Up
    If you have been given the responsibility of key holder, please ensure you keep the keys safe at all times. It is important that the centre users enter and exit via the centre main door, unless there is a need for emergency exit.  The main door must be locked as you leave.

    Should you require support whilst at the centre, please see our admin team at reception. You can also phone us on 07905 766831.

    We must all share responsibility for ensuring that the Centre remains a safe and welcoming place for all families.  As a user of the building, you are, therefore, asked to comply with the following requirements which are essential for safety, hygiene and sustainability of the centre

    Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility and the Centre will not accept liability for another user’s negligence. 

    Accidents and Near Misses
    The session facilitator must record the details of any accidents or near misses on the appropriate accident report form (green & white).  Please ask at reception

    Manual Handling and Stacking of Furniture
    Please ensure that the health and safety of all users, including yourself, is considered at all times when using and storing tables and chairs, and handling any equipment or resources

    Changing Facilities and Disposal of Nappies
    For health and hygiene reasons, session facilitators should advise parents/carers not to change babies in the main rooms but to use the changing area in the children’s toilets. Soiled nappies should be placed in the nappy sacks provided and should be disposed of in the nappy bin in the toilet facilities.  For hygiene reasons, please do not use bins in other rooms for soiled nappies

    Cleaning and Tidying—use of cleaning products
    The centre is cleaned each day after 5pm. However, we do not have sufficient staff capacity to clean and tidy the centre between sessions during the day. It is, therefore, vital that each user leaves the centre in a clean and tidy state in readiness for the next session .

    Changes to arrangements
    Should your plans to use our building changes, please ensure you notify David Gluck as soon as possible.  Please telephone the centre in advance if the session is cancelled or if the lead facilitator will be late so that we can notify users appropriately

     We only provide the use of the premises; you are responsible for organising and running your event


    Please send your booking request to