Tadcrafters make items, mainly from recycled materials, which are donated to worthy causes. We support a range of charities and other organisations whilst helping people to learn new craft skills and develop a social network of people in and around Tadcaster.

We help people to appreciate the importance and benefit of craft activities to help them relax. In an era where most things can be purchased cheaply due to manufacturing it is often forgotten that the process of making an item by hand can be rewarding in itself. Knitting, sewing, woodworking and other crafts are effective mindfulness techniques and have proved to be very beneficial in tackling stress and depression. In addition to this, receiving a hand-made gift is so much more personal, and this appreciation is also very rewarding.


Following the successful delivery by Tadcaster & Rural CIC Ltd of the Bridge Re-opening Celebrations in February 2017, commissioned by Tadcaster and Villages Community Engagement Forum (CEF) and subsequently the Tadcaster Cycling Festival in April 2017, commissioned by Selby District Council, Tadcaster & Rural CIC Ltd proposed the formation of a permanent group to drive forward an events programme for the town – and TEMPT was born!

This proposal was put to the CEF and Tadcaster Town Council for endorsement in May 2017 and has received approval from both bodies.


Our Vision
Our Vision is to make lifelong learning, through the experience of U3A, a reality for all third agers.

Our Mission
Our Mission declares our purpose as an organisation and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. It is to:

  • Facilitate the growth of the U3A movement.
  • Provide support for management and learning in U3As.
  • Raise the profile of the U3A movement.
  • Promote the benefits of learning in later life through self-help learning.